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CD Set - Staying in Love:

Seven Steps to An Open Heart and Mind

Staying in Love:
Seven Steps to An Open Heart and Mind

Staying in Love CD CoverThis 5 CD set provides an introduction to Chris and Janet Attwood's simple, yet powerful Expansion Process.  Chris and Janet take you step by step through contraction and show you how to open your heart and mind again as quickly as possible.

Picture yourself living a life where every experience is a delight.  The people in your life bring you joy and you share your love freely with them.  You know yourself deeply, appreciate yourself completely and revel in the perfection of every moment.

This is the possibility that the Expansion Process opens to you.  This set of CDs:

  • Goes step by step through the simple, yet profoundly effective Expansion Process for returning to expansion when you contract
  • Provides practical tools for staying in love, through heartache and heartbreak
  • Answers the question, "Why do I contract?" and shares the secret for minimizing the time you spend contracted
  • Shows how you can begin living the fulfillment of a life of unconditional love, starting now

The 7 step Expansion Process is not difficult.  In fact, at first it may even seem too easy.  Yet it works.  It is the best and quickest way we know to get over an upset quickly, to return to expansion when your heart and mind contract.

4 CD set

Price: $79.00

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