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Enlightened Wealth

  1. The foundation of enlightened wealth for individuals or organizations is self-knowledge.   Every individual and every organization has a destiny.  Clarity of self-knowledge provides clarity of both individual and collective destiny.  There are two aspects to self-knowledge:
    • Understanding and direct experience of the fundamental unity of life.
    • Understanding the role, i.e. the destiny, of the individual in glorifying life by creating greater abundance through the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and/or material aspects of life.  Implicit in this understanding is the knowledge that the destiny of every individual and every organization is to increase abundance in at least one of these areas.

  2. Abundance is the nature of life.   The only limitation on the ability to create wealth is creativity.  Since there is no limit to creativity, there is ultimately no limit on the ability to create wealth.  Therefore, the key to creating enlightened wealth is to find ways to expand creativity.

  3. Giving is the basis of abundant life.   Enlightened wealth is always created through mutual benefit (i.e. win-win).  The parties to any relationship always perceive that the value they are receiving is equal to or greater than the value they are giving.

  4. Dreams inspire creativity.   In the presence of a great dream, the impossible becomes possible.  Dreams are the reason to keep going when the road gets rough.  Enlightened wealth is created from dreams that raise the quality of life in the world.

  5. "Together Everyone Achieves Miracles."   Teams are the fuel of enlightened wealth.  They multiply the effectiveness of each of the members, and are a major tool for expanding creativity.  Since every individual sees the world from their own unique perspective, a team of individuals will always have a broader, more comprehensive, more complete view of any situation or circumstance than a single individual.  An enlightened team is composed of members whose skills and talents are complimentary so that members are able to do things they enjoy.  Enlightened wealth is created by teams who find solutions which are comprehensive and holistic in their effects.  Enlightened solutions benefit everyone and an enlightened team applies their creativity until they have discovered a solution where eveyone invovled wins.

  6. Enlightened wealth is created by "standing on the shoulders of giants."   Great leaders are born from the lessons they learn from great mentors.  Enlightened teachers are the cornerstone of a society that supports enlightened wealth.

  7. Networks allow holistic solutions to have a far-reaching effect.   Enlightened wealth is created by creating connections between networks of individuals and organizations which have shared values and complimentary goals.  Enlightened solutions are supported by the infinite network of natural law which connects all aspects of life and promotes the evolution of life to forms which create more joy, happiness and fulfillment.

  8. Systems, skills and tools are the implements of success.   Systems are replicable processes which can be performed by anyone and produce the same, reliable results.  Enlightened wealth is created through the application of effective systems by individuals with the requisite skills using appropriate tools.  Systems, skills and tools are the "how to" for creating wealth.

  9. "Financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds the cost of your desired lifestyle."   - T. Harv Eker

Enlightened wealth provides freedom in life:  freedom to do what brings joy, freedom to be with loved ones, freedom to live life to its fullest.  Passive income is income which is earned by doing work once, and earning income from that work over a long period of time.  Passive income results from providing knowledge, products or services which give value over a long period of time.  Enlightened wealth grows by providing the means to do less and accomplish more.  The real achievement of enlightened wealth is providing the means to do nothing and accomplish everything. 

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