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Janet head shot 2007 135 x 142Chris head shot - low"You guys are awesome!!! And it's been such a joy working with you. When I think of you, I think Integrity, Love, Passion, Persistence, Steadiness. I count you both as two of my friends for life."

- Robert G. Allen
  5-time NY Times bestselling author

"What if you could be part
of a global network of partners committed to creating Enlightened Wealth?


What is Enlightened Wealth?  The foundation of enlightened wealth for individuals or organizations is self-knowledge.   Every individual and every organization has a destiny.  Clarity of self-knowledge provides clarity of both individual and collective destiny.  There are two aspects to self-knowledge . . . [more]

About Us:  Chris and Janet Attwood of Enlightened Alliances create relationships between individuals and organizations that are doing work to create a world of abundance, harmony and mutual support.  We are also co-owners of online magazine Healthy Wealthy nWise and cohost the magazine's Passions of Real Life Legends twice monthly interviews.  A few of the people we work with or have worked with include . . .

What we do:   Enlightened Alliances uses its extensive contacts and relationships to help its clients expand their reach. 

How you can participate:  If your values are in tune with ours and you are doing work that deserves a broader audience, then tell us a little about yourself and join our mailing list so we can let you know about opportunities that arise to expand your reach and/or increase your revenue.  Click here.


 “I enrolled in Chris and Janet Attwood’s Alliance Secrets program when I was in pre-production for The Secret. I had determined that I would use The Secret to make The Secret… that’s to say I would attract all of the greatest minds to help me bring this overwhelming vision to the screen and to the world. And as all these wonderful people began to emerge, Alliance Secrets came to the fore, allowing me to create deep, rewarding, and mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with each and every one of them, that continue to this day.”

– Rhonda Byrne, Creator/Executive Producer – THE SECRET

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